SSC Online

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SSC Online is a simple and easy to use online ordering system.
It allows you, our customer, to simplify your life by searching for products and ordering them online.
This is an efficient, quick and hassle free way of ordering that will ensure optimal service to you.

What Our Customers Think

  • Sandy from Tandem Stationers: "It works like a bomb!! Very impressed!"
  • Deline from Boek & Pen Stationery: "I think it is absolutely fantastic. Much easier and very convenient to do my orders"
  • Corne from Signature Supplier: "It works like a dream!! Orders are now extremely smooth!"
  • Wilma from Uitkyk Skryfbehoeftes: "I love online ordering. Orders are delivered faster and no mistakes"

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Easy 5 Step Guide to Buying

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Login securely to your account with your Login ID & Password

Step 4

  • Search for products using the quick search in the top left or
  • Browse for products or
  • Use a custom list/list of prior purchases to find products
  • Adjust the Qty you require and Add to your order

Step 5

  • When you are done - simply click the Finalise Order button in the bottom right
  • Complete your order information & submit it
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