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Sharpie sponsors ‘Night of 1000 Drawings’ volunteer T-shirts

by Sarah Sebetola | Nov 30, 2015

Sharpie and Night of 100 Drawings

'Night of 1000 Drawings' is a unique event that showcases donated A5 sketches, drawings ,photographs, mixed art pieces by artists from all walks of life. On 19 November, 1000 drawings filled the Transvaal Post Office, situated in the heart of Johannesburg to an amazing turn up of attendees who experienced an artistic fun night out in support of The Streetlight Schools Project. The project is a non-profit initiative aimed at creating affordable primary schools through improved teaching practices, access to technology, cost-effectiveness and modern skill development and the first school is set to start in January of 2016. 

Sharpie sponsored boldly branded T-shirts worn by volunteers who were helping guests with all related questions about the event throughout the night. This new relationship between Sharpie and 'Night of 1000 Drawings' is the beginning of a long term sustainable platform that endeavors to improve Sharpies’ brand awareness to its creative market and to contribute to the charitable Streetlight Schools Project.